Graduating from High School is an accomplishment in your life that needs to be CELEBRATED! This marks a huge milestone for you, and what better way to remember this time in your life than with pictures!

 Can we just say, we LOVE working with seniors! Senior year is such an exciting time. So many emotions, memories, and ambitions. We want to help you remember all of it, so that years from now, you can look back at your photos and be taken right back in time. We work at capturing on camera your personalities, emotions, and lifestyles. Most of our shoots are in the great outdoors with natural lighting which enables natural and comfortable shoots where your personality and emotion will easily shine through. This produces photos that allow your personality to be the most prominent part!





Locations are important and we want it to be places that you feel comfortable in and will let your personality shine through! We'll work together to find just the right location.

What happens if it rains? We don't mind photographing in cloudy, sometimes even misting, weather conditions. However, we watch the forecast very close in the days leading up to your session and will be in contact with you if there is a chance of rain. If we feel it is best to reschedule the session we will certainly do so, or if you are uncomfortable chancing it, we will be happy to reschedule!

What To Wear

We do not mind at all if you bring outfit changes, in fact we prefer it! Some great starting points would be to bring a casual outfit, a more formal look, and possibly a sports uniform. We have created a Pinterest board that will give you some great suggestions for pairing colors and patterns, you can see it here. If you have any questions regarding what to wear, please feel free to contact us!




You are welcome to bring props to the session, please just let us know in advance what type of props you are bringing so we can prepare. During the session, we try to create a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. We are not into stuffy! We want to capture you with genuine smiles, so be prepared to laugh because we will do whatever it takes to make it happen!

Gallery Delivery

After the session you can expect to receive your finished gallery within 2 weeks. When your photos are ready, we'll send an email with access to view your online gallery album where you can easily view, order, and share all of your digital high resolution portraits, as well as access to an easy to use mobile app where you can have quick access to view and show them to your friends.



Outfit changes | Online Photo Album & Easy Online Ordering | $25 Photo credit | Full Resolution USB