MEET/ misty ramey


My name is Misty Ramey. I am lover of life, Steven Paul, family, and all things outdoors. 

Several years ago I started tagging along with Summer on her shoots. Mostly I was just helping with props, controlling light with a reflector, and there to bounce off ideas. Eventually I purchased my first DSLR camera and started shooting along side her.

I loved being able to express my creativity and be artsy through the lens of my camera. 

      Since then, Summer and I have become partners in crime. From coffee dates with strangers who have become friends, to late nights scheming on how to grow the business, I can honestly say I really love what I do. Summer and I are sisters, and we do bicker from time to time, but we work so well together that we often finish each others sentences. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

     Outside of work, and Summer Mast Photography. I love spending time outside: camping, hiking, and Jeeping it. I love adventure, finding new places with beautiful waterfalls just tickles my toes. I also love doing things that challenge me mentally and physically, I am a Spartan Sprint Finisher, a one time sky diver, and I am currently facing the challenge of coaching a high school girls soccer team (any prayers are much appreciated).

      If you are reading this I would love for you to be the next stranger I get to meet, and the new friend I get to keep. Hopefully we will see you soon somewhere with coffee and possibly something sweet to eat.