MEET/ crystal gibson


Hey, I’m Crystal, the new girl on the block (well, not really).

It may seem odd, but when it comes to photography, well, it’s not really my strength. I love and appreciate beautiful photographs, but I’ve never felt the need to hone and develop the ability to capture beautiful pictures because I’ve always had Summer, and now Misty too (Seriously, how lucky am I?!)

So you may ask, why are you on the “about me” section of Summer Mast Photography? That is a great question. I love entrepreneurship. I love small business. I love the nitty gritty of getting something off the ground and running. I love dreaming big and going for it. I love challenges. and i love writing.

As sisters, having a business together has been a long time dream of ours, so when Summer asked me to join SMP to help out on the business/creative/administrative end, I was all in. It is truly and honor and a gift to be able to work with these gifted and talented ladies I call sisters. Since joining SMP last year, I’ve secretly been answering a few of your emails (shhhh), writing blogs and website content, organizing/sending gifts, and (most recently) analyzing and budgeting the business. If you’ve ever run a small business, you know how much hard work there is behind the scenes.

A smidgen of my personal life: I am the wife of a handsome man, and mother of two crazy, adorable, rowdy, lovable, mischievous, sweet as pie, beautiful little boys on earth.