Joey & Bethany | North Carolina Mountain Top Engagement Portraits

We loved spending some time getting to know Joey and Bethany + this shoot was held at one of our favorite mountain locations! Not to mention this location required them to be a little adventurous! They were great! It didn’t take long at all for them to get comfortable in front of our cameras. Also, these two have the cutest story!

Keep scrolling to read more about Joey & Bethany + see our favorites from this shoot!

How they met

Joey: We met in a homeschool group called co-op, where a bunch of homeschool families would get together and have classes. I knew as soon as I saw her that I would be too nervous to talk around her (that’s right, not even to her) without sounding like an idiot for a while.

I still sound like an idiot.

Bethany: Joey and I met 14 years ago through a homeschool group; however, we didn’t really speak to each other because we were both very, very shy! We ended up reconnecting 6 years ago and realized how much we had in common… and the rest is history!

How long they’ve known each other

About 14 years!

What are your careers/professions?

Joey: I work as a senior assistant manager at a movie theater, but my dream is to become a published author.

Bethany: I’m the Cataloger for the Oconee County Public Library, but in the future, I would love to study graphic design and make that my career.

Who said I love you first?

Joey: We said it on the same night, but I’m pretty sure I said it first.

Bethany: Joey did!

first date story

Joey: We went to see “The Book of Life” for our first date. I had never been so nervous to watch a movie in my life.

Bethany: We did the very classic dinner and a movie date. We love movies, though, so it worked for us!

Favorite things to do together

Joey: Personally, my favorite thing to do with her is to just listen to her talk about the things she loves, like her houseplants or the latest book she’s reading. My second favorite thing to do with her is probably cuddling while we joke around or watch television, and my favorite kind of date is just a simple meal with plenty of time to talk and get to know each other even better. Honestly, anything that lets me have her all to myself is something I’m going to enjoy.

Bethany: The nights when we talk for hours and laugh about silly things are always my favorite!

favorite physical attribute

Joey: When she smiles - I mean really smiles - there’s this adorable dimple that forms near her right cheek. It’s a pretty big weakness of mine.

Bethany: I love his eyes, and the way they crinkle at the corners when he smiles!

favorite character trait

Joey: Favorite character trait? I don’t know if I have an absolute favorite; there’s just too much to love about her. If I had to pick one, though, it would probably be her unwavering kindness.

Or the way she sarcastically teases me. Depending on my mood.

Bethany: My favorite character trait about Joey is how much he cares for the people he loves.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Joey: I expect in ten years she’ll have me at least partially trained to act like an adult. Which is good, because hopefully we’ll have kids and our very own house by then.

Bethany: I would love to have a little house and family of our own, with a vacation house to escape to (dream big, right? ☺).

proposal story

Joey: She LOVES Dolly Parton, and used to go to Dollywood frequently with her family. But they hadn’t gone in a while, so I decided to buy the two of us tickets in time to go to the fall festival. She knew I was going to propose soon (she picked out the ring, after all), so she heavily suspected what I was up to. I was so nervous I barely talked all morning. After we walked around a bit and saw one of the shows, we went into the Dolly museum. I was starting to shake at this point; this is where I wanted to do it! As my nerves reached a point beyond what I thought possible, I saw a platform a few stairs away that hung over the last part of the museum. As we walked onto the platform I pulled her aside and got down on one knee. She started crying (happily, thank goodness), and with a little help from her I managed to get the words out.