Hannah | South Carolina Mountain Bridal Portraits


Describe yourself in three words

Caring. Independent. Dependable.

tell us about you. what is your job/profession?

I just graduated from Anderson University's Nursing Program. I am proud to be serving as the hands and feet of Christ as a Registered Nurse on a cardiac floor.

Describe a Perfect Day

When I think back on my perfect days, what comes to mind are the days I spent baking cookies with my Nana. We would spend all day from that morning to the evening baking peanut butter and sugar cookies. I am so glad that in her last years she guided me as I learned to perfect all of her dessert recipes. Today, my perfect day would still be baking cookies and cakes all day. I am so honored that I was able to keep all of the baking dishes and pans that me and her used throughout the years. As I bake, I always feel her loving presence right there beside me.

Tell us all about your dress

On the day that I found my dress, my mother and I had just planned on going to a dress shop and "looking around". We found ourselves at Carolina Traditions in Spartanburg. Immediately I began to find dresses that I loved. An associate working that day asked me what my style was to which I responded, "Anything with lace and a lonnggggg train." She went to the back room and came back out with a single dress, my dress.

As I tried it on I could not believe how stunning I looked in it. Self confidence has always been something that I have struggled with, but when I put on this dress, I radiated confidence. It fit me in all the right places and highlighted my most loved features. After bringing my dress home, all I wanted to do was try it on and wear it! Unfortunately, I bought my dress an entire year and a half before my wedding day... so trying it on every week was not an option. When I finally got to put it on with all of my hair and makeup completed for my bridals, it was like falling in love with it for the very first time. It was truly made for me.

Describe your childhood wedding dream

When I was a little girl, I got my very first wedding dress. It had long velvet sleeves with a silky tulle skirt. At the very top was a tiny pink rose. I had imagined that one day I would get married in our church, Pleasant Hill Baptist. I am also sure that I had probably envisioned that there would be dogs and horses present considering I was obsessed with animals and the idea that I was going to be a veterinarian. All in all, I have always wished that it would be one of the most beautiful days of my life, and I would be standing next to my prince charming, to which I can definitely say has come true.

What was the best part of your bridal shoot?

The best part of my bridal shoot was having the beautiful sky and mountains as my back drop. The view in itself put the cherry on top of the most amazing photographs.

Which photo is your favorite?

My favorite photo from my bridal shoot is the one that features my side profile. I have my head bowed and I am smelling my flowers. My second favorite photo is the black and white one of myself underneath my veil and I am laughing. I feel like it mirrors my joy and excitement to marry Justin perfectly.

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