Jason & Kristen | Anderson, South Carolina Farm Engagement Portraits


Y’all, this was one of my all time favorite sessions!!! I know I say that about all of them, but honestly, I had SO MUCH FUN!! I mean give me an evening spent with 2 amazing people + with animals (cows!!) + driving through the fields and gorgeous countryside on a gator + a beautiful sunset and I’m all in! I loved the fact that we did these pictures where Kristen and Jason will be building their house one day. Just thinking about the fact that the very spot where we did these pictures is where they are starting the rest of their lives together, and how that spot is going to change over the years, but yet remain the same gave me all the feels!

Jason and Kristen plan to build on his family’s farm, which is full of animals. This is rather amusing because I discovered Jason is a veterinarian and Kristen admitted to me that she is not a big fan of animals, but they are growing on her. Girl, I know you will learn to love them!

I loved watching how comfortable Jason and Kristen were with each other. It was easy to see the love between them just in the way they looked at each other.

During an outfit change, Jason looked at me and asked what would I think about including his bible in some of the pictures. They told me how they knew each other in high school, but it was not until several years later after seeing each other at church that they started dating. I thought it was just the sweetest idea to incorporate his bible into the shoot as it represents such a big part of their story and who they are.

These two are getting married in July, and we can’t wait!! Keep scrolling to read their story and see our favorites from their Engagement shoot!

How they met

Jason and Kristen are from Belton, South Carolina and knew each other for years. They went to high school together and lived their whole lives less than five minutes from each other. Jason started visiting Kristen’s church a few months before the entire church helped put them together. Kristen said, “The Lord used His timing to have our paths cross. We’ve seen His hands in our relationship even before we started dating.”

THeir Careers/professions

Jason is a veterinarian and Kristen a first grade teacher. Kristen has become an honorary vet assistant through going on calls with Jason.

Who said I love you first?

Kristen did after their first kiss.

first date story

After the church and family helped bring them together, for their first date, Jason took Kristen to one of his favorite places to visit while he went to school at Clemson University, Stumphouse Tunnel and Issaqueena Falls. It was there where they reminisced about their past and people they knew, while finding the beauty of the waterfall!

Favorite things to do together

So now they love to find other waterfalls to explore. They also love traveling to different places and exploring something new together.

favorite physical attribute

Kristen: His beautiful ocean colored eyes.

Jason: Her beautiful smile and beautiful eyes.

favorite character trait

Kristen: His protectiveness of me, and the way he cares and thinks of others first before himself

Jason: Her loving and caring heart

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

We want to be able to sit on our front porch enjoying the views of the family farm and God’s creation.

Proposal story

Jason was supposed to be on call for the weekend. Kristen didn’t think anything about it when he asked her to go with him to a farm call in Westminster. Since she wasn’t feeling well that day, she failed to notice how nervous he really was.

After briefly looking at the horse, they decided since they were in the area, to go back to Issaqueena Falls. As they drove to the waterfall, they talked about their first date and all the adventures they’d had together. When they got out of the truck, Jason changed his shoes and quickly hid the ring.

They got down to the falls very quickly, and Kristen remembers that Jason said very few words. “As we made our way to the big rock in front of the waterfall, Jason spilled his heart to me and then got on one knee. He asked me if I would marry him with my late Grandmother’s wedding ring and all I could say was “Yes!” I was totally taken off guard and was shocked when two friends came out of the woods after taking pictures of us.”

After leaving, Jason and Kristen met up with their family and friends at Pixie and Bills in Clemson for an engagement party where Kristen said she was totally surprised again! “It was a wonderful day!”

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