Taylor | South Carolina Mountain Top Bridal Portraits


Y’all, this girl is a gem and I am so excited to be finally sharing our favorites from her bridal session! Taylor is so fun and easy to be around! In this session, she was literally glowing and so excited to be marrying her soon to be husband!

The mountains and sweeping views of this session were the perfect combination with this beautiful woman! You’ll have to scroll all the way to the end to see my favorite favorites! The lighting had turned delightful and soft, and the backdrop couldn’t have been more perfect.

Keep scrolling to read all about how Taylor found her dress and see more of these beautiful bridals!

Describe yourself in three words

Detail oriented. Energetic. High strung (and I'm sure if you ask Taylor or family some qualities can get the best of me and make me hard to live with).

The story behind the dress

As soon as Taylor asked me to marry him I went straight to Pinterest to find my perfect dream dress. I literally had a whole board of just dresses. Dressing Dreams was my go to shop because they are some of the most gorgeous dresses and the service is always so amazing (making each person feel like a queen). After looking through the rack they had pulled out for me there were two dresses that caught my attention from the moment I started looking. Even though I wanted to only try on those two dresses, everyone who went with me picked out what they thought my perfect dress would be too. As soon I tried on the second dress I found, I knew it was the one, but I still tried on all 20 of the other dresses that were picked out just for fun. Skip ahead to retrying on the dress of my dreams and adding a few extra touches, I left with my perfect dream dress, which left me feeling beautiful in ways I never felt before.

Best part of your bridal session

For me the best part of my bridal shoot was having a photographer that got to know me before hand, knew what I wanted, and enjoyed nature as much as I do. Summer made the whole process so much fun and relaxing. She lets you be your natural self and captures that beauty.

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