Sam & Brayden | South Carolina Engagement Portraits

We loved seeing this sweet couple interact together! We could tell they were both a little nervous in the beginning, but it didn’t take them long to warm up and start having fun! Brayden and Sam wanted to do their photos with pretty mountain views, and if you know us at all, you know we were happy for the excuse to spend some time in the mountains. The weather held out and we managed to get that pretty golden hour glow at the end of the session, which is always our favorite!

It didn’t take long to see that Sam totally adores Brayden, and it was just the sweetest thing!

Keep scrolling for their story!! It’s pretty special!

Brayden has been an EKG Technician at Oconee Medical Center for the past three years. She loves it and wants to further her career in the medical field.

Sam is a “jack of all trades.” According to Brayden, there’s nothing he can’t do. Just a few of the things he does is farm, drive a log truck, and he is a mechanic.

How they met

Sam and Brayden first met at the Heritage Fair ten years ago. “We always had a thing for each other, but neither of us had the guts to say anything, so we would just smile at each other when we passed [Brayden].”

Brayden took her daughter to the fair in 2017 where they ran into Sam. After they left, Brayden sent Sam a message to try to start a conversation, but he blew her off. She decided just to let it go. A few months later, Sam tried to talk to Brayden, but by then she didn’t want anything to do with him (at least not at first). They did start talking a little, and tried to get together, but it just never worked out and they went their separate ways. “The timing just wasn’t right,” recalled Brayden. “I was struggling with some things and I was terrified to let someone into not only my life, but my daughters when they could walk away at anytime.”

Brayden said she caught herself thinking about him a lot and certain things would remind her of him. September 2018 Brayden took her daughter to the Heritage Fair again (just something about that Fair) and they ran into Sam once again. At that moment, Brayden knew she wouldn’t let him slip away again, and Sam knew that God had put her there for a reason. Sam knew Brayden was going to be his wife. “And here we are. Letting him into mine and Kenna’s life was the best decision I’ve ever made, besides saying yes to be his wife, of course [Brayden].

Who said I love you first?

Sam did!! We were laying there watching TV and he just said it. I was shocked. We hadn’t been together very long but when ya know, ya know!

first date

We went to eat at a little cafe in Lavonia, GA. I took Kenna with me, she helped with the nervous/awkwardness. Sam said it was tough on him, he didn’t have just one girl to impress, he had two.

Favorite thing to do together

We love food and finding new places to go eat. We pretty much enjoy everything we do together whether it’s finding a new adventure or just a trip to the grocery store!

favorite physical attribute

“I love his smile, he hates it. When he smiles he makes my darkest days bright [Brayden].”

“Her eyes. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen [Sam].”

first kiss story?

Haha, I love this story. It was after our first date, we came back to my house and he was getting ready to leave. He went in for a hug and just kinda kissed me, it was unexpected so it didn’t go as smoothly as he planned, but it was still sweet!

favorite character trait

“He is the most sweetest and loving man I’ve ever met. He is patient (with me and the little one), kind and so, so caring. It’s hard to just choose one with him [Brayden].”

“The way she loves and cares for me like no one has ever before. She puts everyone before herself and I couldn’t ask for a more big hearted woman to be my wife [Sam].”

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

In a bigger house, a few more kids and if I have anything to do with it, several animals. Sam said we will end up with a funny farm!

Proposal Story

Sam proposed to Brayden on December 19th, 2018. The two of them went to look at a house together, and were going to go get dinner after. On the way back to Brayden’s house, Sam called her and said he wanted her to open a Christmas present before they went to eat. “In my mind I was thinking he was going to, but I was like nah, you’re overthinking it [Brayden].”

They got to Brayden’s house and she remembered that he fumbled with something in his pocket, but didn’t catch on to what it could be. “The jacket he had on has a weird material in the pocket and his phone case always clings to it [Brayden].”

They walked in the house, and Sam commented about the Christmas tree lights not being on. Brayden was wondering what in the world was wrong with him, she’d been gone all day and was just trying to not burn the house down. Sam asked her to turn the tree lights on before she opened her present. He gave her a big box, with five boxes wrapped up inside (each smaller than the previous one). When Brayden got to the last box, there was a little note on the inside that read, ‘Will you marry me?’ “I dropped the note, backed away from him and I was shaking my head no, like I was shocked [Brayden].” When she looked up, he was on one knee with the ring in his hand. He said, “Well, will you?” Brayden recalled, “he was shaking so bad, I could hear the ring rattling in the box.”

Brayden was still standing there in shock, shaking her head no. Sam thought she really meant no and with a terrified look on his face said, “Please?” Brayden said, “I didn’t mean no, like no. I mean no, like are you sure?” Sam assured her that of course he was sure, and so Brayden said yes!

What was your favorite part about your engagement session?

Just being together, having fun. Dancing to our song was my favorite part! Sam said he was nervous about the pictures but once we started taking them it was very fun! Summer made it very easy, it was like hanging out with a friend!

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