Justin & Kimberly | South Carolina River Engagement Portraits


At this shoot we finally got to meet Justin! Both Kimberly and Justin are from Ohio, but Kimberly was living here when she booked us for their wedding, so we got to meet her a few months ago. They told me how much they love spending time outdoors together, so I knew this location for their shoot by the river with a beautiful waterfalls was going to be perfect!

Watching them together, it’s easy to see how much they love being around each other, and it was fun to see how Justin could make Kimberly laugh at any given time. We can’t wait for their wedding in April!

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Kimberly and Justin are both from Ohio, and grew up only twenty minutes apart from each other, but never met until they both moved to South Carolina where they served at the Fair Play Boys Camp. They have known each other for just a little over one year!

Justin currently works in Construction.

Kimberly recently finished up her service at the Fair Play Boys Camp and is hoping to get a job as a barista or waitress.

Both share a love of the outdoors. For their first date they hiked to Riley Moore Falls where they made dinner over a campfire.

The day Justin proposed to Kimberly, it was a cool November morning. Justin had come to Westminster to visit from Ohio, and even though it was cold outside, he convinced Kimberly to go hiking at Black Rock Mountain. Kimberly wasn’t thrilled about hiking in the cold, and Justin knew it, so he bribed her with coffee on the way. “He knew it was the only way he could get me to go.” (Kimberly).

Once at Black Mountain, they started on their hike. Justin came up with the idea to go fishing (any fish they caught would be dinner). They hiked to Riley Moore and started to fish, but unfortunately they didn’t catch a single one. They climbed to the top of the falls and tried again, but still had no luck. Kimberly was sitting at the top of the waterfall when Justin finally gave up and came to sit next to her.  “I thought it was a little strange since he doesn’t normally give up that easily on things.” (Kimberly). They sat and watched the water flow through the rocks and down over the waterfall awhile before they decided to leave.

When Kimberly turned to leave, Justin was down on one knee asking for Kimberly to marry him.

Kimberly was completely surprised and shocked. “In my state of shock and disbelief,  I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. After asking several times if he was serious, he tells me ‘prank....’ which in turn took me to a state of confusion. He didn’t have the ring with him, which would have helped him out a lot. After a few moments of questioning myself. He reassured me that he was actually proposing at that moment. I said YES!!!” (Kimberly)

Who said I love you first?


Favorite thing to do together

Hiking and exploring waterfalls.

favorite physical attribute

    (Justin) “Her beautiful blue eyes, and her smile.”

(Kimberly) “His smile, and his eyes.”

favorite character trait

    (Justin) “Her adventurous spirit.”

     (Kimberly) “His energy he brings to life, and the way he cares for those around him.”

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

    We do not have a specific place in mind, but our goal is to be where ever God calls us to be!!

What was your favorite thing about your engagement session?

Being able to be ourselves, while being outdoors enjoying Gods creation.

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