Gabriel & Marley | Winter River Maternity Portraits


Let's just be honest, I always love having Gabe and Marley in front of my camera! I mean come on, they are as sweet as they are adorable! It was freezing the day we did this session, but they were troopers, and I thought it was the sweetest that they wanted to include their daughter in the photos as well!

For those of you who do not know, Gabe is our first cousin. Since he and his wife have gotten married, Misty and I have had the privilege of documenting the highlights in their story! We were able to do wedding photos of them here in the states (they were married in Ecuador), and then their maternity photos and birth of their firstborn, and now again for their second child!

All you have to do is just spend a few minutes with them to know that they are complete naturals at being parents! I love that they are already carrying over their love of adventure and outdoors to their children!           

Marley first thought she was pregnant because all she wanted to do was sleep, and she’s not usually one to nap, so she thought it was weird. They bought a pregnancy test, but it was actually Gabe who found out first. After taking the test, Marley left the bathroom confident and sad that the test was negative, but Gabe later walked in and found the test was positive after all!

Pregnancy cravings

“Of course something I couldn’t have, raw sushi.”

First thing bought

“The first (and only) thing we got for him before he was born was a little green sleeper that we both liked a lot.”

Beauty secrets to looking so awesome during this pregnancy

“None (haha), but I would say drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and getting enough sleep.”

Baby Lev Ellis Urso was due February 18th, but decided to make his appearance three weeks early on January 28, 2019.

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