Michael & Lauren | Winter Engagement Portraits


Y’all, Meet Lauren and Michael! These two are just the cutest, and have the sweetest story! It’s so easy to see how much they love each other just by watching them interact. Keep reading for some Q and A to learn all the details on how they met and fell in love!

How did you meet?

Michael: “Our moms had met each other at church. They knew that they wanted us to meet each other.  They felt that we would be a great match for the other one. After a few months of our parents not making the opportunity for us to meet yet, I came to the conclusion that Lauren did not exist. Lauren reached out to me via email to prove that she did exist.  After a few weeks of communicating, I asked Lauren out to dinner for us to meet for the first time.”

How long have you known each other?

February 17, 2019 will be 2 years that we have known each other. That was the first time we had met and our very first date

Tell us a little about yourselves as individuals: What is your careers/professions?

Lauren: “I work as a pediatric nurse at a hospital here in the Upstate.”

Michael: “I work as a logistics supervisor at a automotive manufacturing plant.”

Who said I love you first?

Michael: “I told her I loved her first. After telling her I loved her. She was glad that I had said it because she wanted to tell me that she loved me also.”

What did you do on your first date?

Our first date was dinner at a local Japanese restaurant and then we went for a walk through downtown Greenville.

Favorite thing you like to do together.

We just enjoy the company of each other

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Married living on lots of land with our house full of love and children.

proposal story?

Michael: “I recreated our very first date that we had together. We ended the night with a walk through falls park sitting on a swing where I got down on one knee and asked Lauren to marry me.”

favorite physical attribute

Michael: “I love Lauren’s eyes. I can always look into them and see the true inner beauty that reflects her outer beauty.  I can always see how much she loves me by just the way she looks at me. Her eyes say everything to me that I need to know in life.”

Lauren: “My favorite thing about Michael is his hands. They are always strong and steady giving me a place to always feel safe, but they are also soft and gentle reminding me that I am always loved.”  

favorite character trait

Michael: “I love seeing Lauren smile and laugh. Her laughter brightens my day.”

Lauren: “I love Michael’s sense of humor, and how he always knows how to make me laugh and smile, even if I don’t want to sometimes.”

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