Weston & Candace | Fall Maternity Portraits


Do you know the gender of your baby?

Yes, it’s a girl!

Is there a fun story to how you found out about the pregnancy or how you told Weston he was going to be a daddy?

I kind of had a feeling I was pregnant, so I took a test and I thought it read negative, but for some reason threw the test in the bathroom drawer. Later on that evening I found it, and there was a faint pink line. I took another one, and sure enough it was positive! I wanted to wait until Weston was home from work, but I couldn’t LOL! So, I called him immediately.

Have you named your baby?

Westlynn Jo

When is baby’s due date?

January 9th

What has been your most prominent craving during this pregnancy?

Spicy foods and fried pickles

What was the first thing you bought for your baby (and why)?

A random side table for her room because it was the perfect shade of pink and gold.

Is there a central color or theme you’re decorating baby’s nursery with?

I used a lot of pink, gold and white with a little vintage flare.

What are you bets on baby’s weight at birth?

Mom’s guess: Ha, I feel like 10 lbs!

Dad’s guess: 6 lbs

What are your beauty secrets to looking so awesome with this pregnancy?

Oh lawd...I definitely don’t feel like I’ve looked awesome. But having an awesome hair dresser like Erin helps!

Do you have a story you would like for us to tell?

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