Tye & Marianna | South Carolina River Engagement Portraits


How They Met

Tye and Marianna went to high school together and always noticed each other from a distance. Marianna secretly thought she was out of his league, but at the end of their senior year of high school, Tye began to finally pursue Marianna. He would conveniently “forget” his English book so he could talk to her all through English class. One day he sent her a message and the rest was history!

Favorite Thing To Do Together

They love outdoor dates! Hiking to waterfalls, picnicking and fishing are a few of their favorites. They are both family people, and also enjoy spending time with both their families.

Favorite Physical Attributes

His of hers, “Marianna’s eyes for sure. They’re so pretty!”

Hers of his, “My favorite attribute about Tye would be his smile. It’s so genuine and I can’t help but smile right back.

First Kiss Story

(Marianna) “We were watching a movie one evening while still in high school (not yet dating LOL) and happened to look at each other at the same time. Then we both kind of naturally leaned in for our first kiss! It was a sweet moment!”

Favorite Character Trait

Hers of his, “Honestly it’s hard to pick just one favorite characteristic because Tye is so well-rounded! But what sticks out the most is how selfless he is. He does so much for me and all those around him without hesitation.”

His of her, “If you can get past the stunning appearance you will find a determined, passionate women ready to tackle anything life may throw at her.”

Proposal Story

Tye had been planning to take Marianna to Poinsett Bridge for several months. Little did she know that he had picked the spot for something really special. On the night he proposed, he’d planned a picnic, but it was a little bit of a drive (an hour and a half), and by the time they got there, it had started to rain. Of course Tye seemed upset with the rain, but Marianna wasn’t phased and suggested they just eat their picnic in the truck. After their dinner, Marianna suggested they go check out the bridge. (Marianna)  “It was still raining (which honestly tends to happen on special days for us, hopefully it doesn’t for our wedding!) which added to the romance! Right in front of the bridge he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever! Best day ever!!”

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