John & Taylor | South Carolina Engagement Portraits


How They Met

John and Taylor were set up by John’s sister. It was Taylor’s junior year of college at Anderson University, and she had a class with John’s sister. John said his sister told him she was going to set him up with a “sweet girl from Anderson.” He laughed it off and didn’t think much about it until his sister sent a picture of Taylor (who would be his future wife), and a screenshot of a conversation between her and Taylor where she’d asked Taylor if she would be interested in meeting John. John was embarrassed and thinking Taylor only agreed because she thought something was wrong with him. John bravely sent Taylor a friend request the next day on facebook, but felt he needed to play it cool and wait several days before sending her a message.

Instantly they had a connection and talked non-stop. Soon, they had their first date. They first met in person right outside of Taylor’s dorm room. They both can remember the details like it was yesterday.

(Taylor)“I walked out of my dorm (after spending like 2 hours getting ready with my roomies) and saw my future husband for the very first time. He was smiling and greeted me immediately. He opened and closed my car door and we went to O’Charley’s for dinner.”

(John)“The first time I saw her I met her outside her dorm. She was wearing tall light brown riding boots over her jeans, a burgundy top and curled her beautiful brunette hair.”

After dinner, John asked Taylor if she was ready to go back to her dorm room (he knew she’d had a long day, and was also giving her an out if she was ready to end the night).

but she said, “Well, I’m having fun.” John thought her response was perfect, and he knew she was having just as good a time as he was. Instead of going back to the dorm, they followed up their dinner with a movie.

(John) “We ended up going to the movies to see The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, and to this day, it was the greatest date I have ever been on.”

(Taylor) “When I got back to my dorm, my roommate, Sarah was waiting up on me. When she asked how my night was, I couldn’t stop smiling as I told her how amazing every moment was and how excited I was about him.”

Favorite Things to do Together

John and Taylor love exploring different places and new things together, checking things off their bucket list.


Favorite Physical Attribute

She loves his smile

He loves her eyes, hands, and collarbones


Favorite Character Trait

He loves her unselfishness, patience, and faith.

She loves that he is hard-working, loving, and silly, “I love how much he makes me laugh.”

Proposal Story

(John) “I pictured proposing to her under a gazebo of some kind. I actually googled “gazebos in the upstate” and came across the one at the Furman Rose Garden. I was taking classes at Furman and after class I went to check it out and thought it was a perfect spot.

On a Saturday evening, we went to eat at Rick Erwin’s in Greenville. I remember we were eating dessert and I was in a hurry because I wanted to beat the sunset and because my sisters were at the spot hiding and waiting to take pictures. I asked her if she was done yet and she said “No, this is good.” I was so anxious as she was casually enjoying the peanut butter and chocolate torte.

After dinner, we drove to Furman. My excuse was that I wanted to show her the campus and where my classes were before we went to Fall for Greenville (she had no idea what was about to happen). We got there in good timing in regard to the sunset, but there just so happened to be a girl in her quinceanera dress taking pictures in the exact spot where it was going down. I played it off for awhile as we walked along the edge of Furman Lake skipping stones and looking at the ducks (she just enjoyed looking at the ducks).Finally, the girl was done taking pictures. After noticing that she had left our spot, I took Taylor’s hand and led her to the center of the rose garden under the gazebo.

I told her how much she meant to me and how I knew early on that I wanted to marry her. I got down on one knee and even though the sun had already set, the girl of my dreams said yes to marrying me.

We celebrated the night by meeting our families at Brick Street Café for coffee and sweet potato cake.”  

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