Eric & Yolanda | South Carolina Mountain Top Engagement Portraits


How they met

Eric and Yolanda grew up together as their families were close, but since Eric was younger than Yolanda and was always hanging out with her little brother doing the obnoxious things that younger brothers do, she always thought he was pretty annoying.

A few years went by as their lives went in different directions and they didn't see each other for a really long time. Yolanda decided to visit Eric's family for Christmas in 2016. The night she got there, everyone was waiting up for her, except for Eric (she later learned he went to bed as soon he seen her car pull in, he was avoiding her).

The next day Yolanda was helping Eric's mom put up Christmas decorations when Eric came home from work. Yolanda said “I did a double take as I barely recognized him, he was so grown up and handsome. My heart started doing this whole pitter-patter racing thing.” Eric must have felt the same way, because a few months later he came to visit her over Memorial Day weekend and shortly after asked her out. Of course, she said yes!

Favorite things to do together

Hiking to waterfalls or mountain tops, but also they just love to sit and watch a good movie together.

Favorite physical attributes

His of hers: “Her eyes when she looks at me, it melts my heart!”

Hers of his: “Not sure how to choose just one. I love everything about him!”

Favorite character traits

His of hers: “Her heart is kind and wants to help others, and the way she loves me so very much!”

Hers of his: “He is loyal and kind and so very generous.”

proposal story

Eric came to visit Yolanda one weekend, and after church he took her to a waterfalls where they found a fallen tree to sit on almost under the falls (they could feel the mist from the falls, and by the time they left they were soaked!). Even though he knew she was suspecting the proposal, he got down in front of her and asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes!!


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