Jacob & Daffodil | Mountain Engagement Portraits


Can we just tell you how much fun we had with these two on this photo shoot? From kicking the evening off with drinks to climbing around mountaintops, the evening was delightful from beginning to end. We can’t wait for their wedding later this year!

Meet Jacob & Daffodil!

How they first met

Jacob said they met at an internship that they were both doing at St Anthony’s in Greenville. They were introduced by Father Pat after mass one day. He remembers them shaking hands and saying nice to meet you.

Daffodil had a little different story though, she had her eyes set on him before they ever officially met at St Anthony’s. She remembered first seeing him their freshman year of college and thinking who is this cute guy! His dorm was on the level above, and then they ended up being in the same Econ class together too, so it wasn’t long before she was crushing hard.


Favorite physical trait

His of hers: her hair

Hers of his: his eyes


First kiss story

She said they had their first kiss in the back seat of the car after hiking in the Pisgah National Forest, but he said that’s not exactly the whole story. Just for the record, he had planned a romantic scene at the base of a beautiful waterfall for their first kiss. He said it was perfect, there was no one around, it was private, and a perfect moment, but when he leaned in, she was not ready!


Favorite character trait

His of hers: Her care, and the way she interacts with others. Her kindness.

Hers of his: His work ethic, his kindness, his loyalty, and his faith