Why You Should Host A Backyard Party (Our Best Tips for DIYing It)


Y’all, spring is finally here in South Carolina, and we are so thrilled! It has been a long time coming this year.

With spring and warmer weather comes a slew of activities and so many opportunities to throw some really great parties. We love throwing parties! It may be as simple as a birthday party or as extravagant as a wedding, but whatever the occasion, we are all about it!

Your own backyard happens to be one of the best places to host a great party. Think cool spring nights gathered around a warm fire, roasting marshmallows and making smores. Think sparkling lights and paper lanterns strung from the low branches of an old oak tree. Think front porch rockers and yard games. There’s just nothing like a good backyard party for so many reasons. In the spirit of spring and the spirit of parties, we are going to share 5 of our best tips for DIYing and hosting your very own backyard party.

1. Pick a theme

From simple birthday parties to extravagant yard parties be sure to pick a theme. This gives you direction when it come to decorating and ideas on planning your menu. For example, when we threw a party for Misty’s 21st birthday, we did a Gatsby (1920’s) themed party. A quick search on Pinterest helped us narrow down our decorating colors and even gave food ideas. So yeah, just go ahead and create a secret board on Pinterest, decide on a theme, and start pinning!

Great Gatsby Party, 1920's Birthday
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2. Keep the menu simple

The easiest thing to do is to have your party catered. This takes some of the stress off of hosting and frees up your prep time. But if cooking is your thing, or catering isn’t in the budget, plan a simple menu that can be prepared ahead of time. When hosting a party, the last thing you want to do is run behind when preparing the food. Believe me, there will be so many other things you want to be doing in that last hour before it’s time to party.

Some great ideas of food that can be prepared ahead of time, or are low maintenance are BBQ (you can carry it out from your favorite BBQ joint, or do your own pork butt in a crockpot), Cold cuts (these platters can be made up the day before, so all you have to do is set them out when it comes time to party), and Low Country Boil (possibly our favorite backyard party idea). Ideally, this is made to serve, but if you can find a way to keep it warm, go ahead and cook it a few hours ahead of time. 


3. Plan games or activities

Take some time to plan a few yard games. There are so many fun ideas on Pinterest of DIY games that you can take out to the yard. Games help get everyone into the spirit of the party, and if you have guests that don’t know each other, this is a great way to break the ice.

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4. Create a playlist

Every party needs a little music. Music sets the tone of your evening and even when just played in the background can fill the lulls of the party that can sometimes feel a little awkward. You don’t need a fancy stereo system or tons of music on iTunes. It can be as basic as a Pandora station on your smartphone played through a Bluetooth speaker.

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5. Seating for everyone

Ever been to a party where there was standing room only? Not very comfortable, huh? It’s really hard to eat while holding your plate and your drink, and let’s just face it, your legs get tired, and all you want to do is find a place to sit and enjoy the party. If you don’t have tables and chairs to accommodate your guest list, get creative, look around your house and yard, what is semi-portable and can be used at your party? If it’s a large party, consider renting tables and chairs, or borrowing them from a community organization such as a local church. You want your guests to have a great time and be comfortable, and having a place to sit is the first step.


Alright, there you have it! Now go plan that party! Also, we would love to see your backyard parties! Please tag us in your photos! #smpbackyardparty