Bethany | Huitt Farms Venue Bridal Portraits


Describe yourself in three words

Caring. Sensitive. Dramatic.

What is your job/profession/career?

I am a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

Describe a Perfect Day

My perfect day would be a stormy summer day binge watching Supernatural with Caleb.

Tell us about your dress, from finding it and buying it to when you put it on for this shoot

My wedding dress was the first one I tried on, and I took it off and tried on several more, but eventually I put it on a second time (during the same dress appointment). I was like okay this is it, I’m not trying on anymore, my mind is made up lol.

Putting it on for my bridal portraits, I felt like the most powerful bride to walk the earth lol. It made me feel confident and beautiful.

I’m pretty sure most of us have dreamed about our wedding day since we were little girls, describe your childhood wedding dream

My childhood dream wedding is completely different than what actually happened. I always dreamed of getting married in a church with a small crowd of family and friends, but reality is so much better than fantasy.

What was the best part of your bridal shoot?

The best part of my bridal shoot was having my Mom, Ashley, and Boomer there. It was amazing being able to share this special memory with them and to be able to show B the pictures of him under my dress when he gets older will be such a treat!

Which photos are your favorite?

My absolute favorite pictures are the ones where I’m spinning in my dress and then dropping it and spinning. They make me feel like a real life princess.