Emrie & Elijah


World, meet Emrie & Elijah + sweetest family you will ever meet (and one of my favorites to photograph)!

Morgan wanted pictures of Elijah for his second birthday, and of Emrie to celebrate ONE whole year of being seizure free! Last year Emrie was diagnosed with epilepsy, and y’all this is something that this sweet family has handled with more grace and faith than anyone ever could. Their story is beautiful and miraculous. We are all so excited to see how God continues to unfold this story!

Much to Juniors delight, of course we had to sneak in a family photo or two!

favorite thing to do as a family together

Spontaneous late night trips to get ice cream!

favorite places to visit or vacation

We love the beach but we really LOVE the mountains - especially in the fall and winter!

Out of everyone in your family, who is the silliest?

Emrie Taylor is pretty goofy when she’s had lots of candy around people she’s familiar with!

Who gives the best hugs?

Elijah Layne! He squeezes super tight!

If you could take a trip together to anywhere in the world, where would it be?



What is the best thing about your mom?

Em: her earrings

Eli: I don’t know

What do you like to do with your dad?

Em: tackle and wrestle

Eli: tackle and wrestle

What is the best thing you like to do with your brother/sister?

Em: play and nap

Eli: kiss her

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Em: ballerina and cheerleader

Eli: football

What is the prettiest thing about your mom?

Em: body and necklace

Eli: I don’t know

What is the funniest thing your dad does?

Em: sneak me toys

Eli: swing

What was your favorite part of this shoot (on or off the camera)?

Juniors favorite part was that it didn’t take long -ha!

My favorite part was watching my kiddos giggle and argue over who was going to get their picture made.

And the kiddos favorite part was that they could have suckers as their bribe for being good.

Which picture or series of pictures was your favorite?


Why did choose Summer Mast Photography to capture these sweet moments for your family?

They’re the best. With our without the camera. So sweet, patient and super talented! I could go on and on...