Anna's Bridal Portraits | South Carolina Wedding Photographer

So this was hands down one of our favorite sessions from the summer! Not only was the shoot itself a ton of fun, the portraits from this session are just stunning! Scroll down to see some Q & A from our bride, Anna Thewlis Bruke + Summer Mast.


Tell us about dress shopping! Was it love at first site?

"{Anna} “Yes, it was love at first site!”

Who did your hair and make-up?

{Anna} “" The legends greatest, Erin Jefferson!”


What was your favorite photograph from this photo shoot?

{Anna} “This picture was my fav! But I absolutely loved every second of the whole thing! Sliding was so much fun except for the leaches!”

{Summer} “I love them all! This session was one of my favorites from the summer! Anna told us that she was down for anything, and she was not joking! This included wading across the river in knee deep water in her dress!!” 

PS: There is a really funny story about the leaches, but you’ll have to find Anna and ask her for those details!

What did you like about the location of the session?

{Summer} “Misty and I both love the river, so when Anna said she wanted to take her bridals at the river, I knew right away this was the spot. It has so many beautiful options for pictures, and with Anna being adventures, I knew she would be open to it!”

What was your favorite part of the session (on or off the camera)?

{Anna} “Walking around like I had a saggy diaper!” … Again, you’re gonna have to ask Anna for the details on this one, haha!

{Summer} “All of it! Probably the end, though LOL! We were close to a swimming hole, and it was so hot! We all changed and jumped in the river to cool off. Pretty sure every hot summer session needs to end that way!

{Summer} “I'm sad their wedding is over! I so loved getting to know Anna over the past couple of months, but I'm so glad that I have gained a new friend through this!”