Mckenzie | Evergreen Plantation Bridal Portraits

Hey Y’all! We are just so excited to finally share these beautiful bridal portraits of Mckenzie Merk Smith! She was just stunning in this shoot, and even more so (is that possible?) on her wedding day! Keep scrolling to see these gorgeous photos + read more from Mckenzie about this day and that dress!


Tell us about your dress: where did you find it?

I found my dress at Dressing Dreams in Hartwell, Georgia!

Was it love at first site?

The dress when it was on the hanger was not love at first sight! My mom actually convinced me to try it on for her, and I agreed! After I tried it on, then I fell in love with it and did not want to take it off!

Who did your hair and makeup?

Darian Humphries located in Anderson, South Carolina!

Favorite Photo (or Series of Photos) from this session

It is really hard to choose a favorite photo because I love them all! I would have to choose the pictures on the front porch as my favorite series of photos! The reason being is that we are getting married on the front porch, so that is perfect!

Best part (on or off the camera) of this photo shoot!

I would have to say the best part about my bridal shoot was that even though it was pouring down raining, Summer and Misty were great and still captured amazing photos! They were awesome and ran in the rain for me to capture the photos

Venue: Evergreen Plantation in Star, South Carolina

Hair & Makeup: Heather Geer & Darian Humphries

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