Daniel & Megan | North Carolina Mountain Top Engagement Portraits


How they met

They met each other last summer at Bethel Camp in Clayhole Kentucky! (Megan) “Its funny because we knew a lot of the same people but not each other, we had never met each other. We were both working as camp counselors and on the second night of camp Daniel ended up sitting next to me in chapel and lets just say that the rest of the week was history (sparks were flying if ya know what I mean)!”  

Favorite thing to do together

Their favorite things are hiking and camping in the mountains! They love spending time in the mountains! Oh and eating Chick-Fil-A of course!

Favorite Physical Attribute

{Megan} “My favorite physical attribute of Daniel would probably be his green eyes!”

{Daniel} “Her pretty face and beautiful eyes. Her eyes were one of the first things I really noticed about her!”

Favorite character trait

{Megan} “Even when first meeting Daniel he was very genuine and always so easy to talk too. That has always been a favorite character trait that I appreciate about him!”

{Daniel} “Her soft, peaceful easygoing personality.”

Proposal Story

Daniel proposed on August the 8th. They were both camping in the Smokey mountains with Megan’s family. On their way home, Megan and Daniel decided to hang back and take their time and spend the day at their favorite spot on the river in the mountains. Daniel had originally planned to propose on one of their favorite hikes in SC but spontaneously felt like it was the perfect time right there next to the river! {Megan} “It was special because the Smokey Mountains hold many good family memories for me and now we have this memory making it that much sweeter! - - Fun Fact: Daniel and I were both so excited and overjoyed that it wasn’t until 3 hours after he proposed that we realized the ring was on the wrong hand! - -”  

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