Andrew & Joanna | Georgia Mountain Engagement Portraits


Meet Andrew & Joanna!

Misty and I were thrilled when this sweet couple asked to have their engagement session in the mountains. Mountains make for some of the most beautiful pictures, AND we'll make all kinds of excuses to be able to spend some extra time in these beautiful hills. This session took place in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia.

It's easy to see that these two adore each other, and Misty and I loved getting to know them a little better. We found out that Andrew is originally from Pennsylvania, but came to South Carolina to work at the Wilderness Way Boys Camp. Joanna's family has pretty much always been involved in the Camp, and well, when he came to work, you can guess that these two met, and the rest was history!

We can't wait for their early spring wedding! Hopefully the groundhog was wrong about winter this time!