Gabe & Marley :: Mountain Top Wedding Photos


As I sit here to type, I can not help but think, this post would be fine without any narrative. However, I can't help but take this chance to tell you about these two amazing souls. 

Misty and I have grown up knowing Gabe, well all of his life. Gabe is our first cousin, and like Misty would say, more of a brother then a cousin. If you know him at all, you know that he is so very talented in many different way including painting, drawing, nature photography, and these just name a few. 

Then there was this girl Marley. Now, I have not known her as long, but it seems as if she walked into his life, and they were made for each other (I mean just look how adorable they are!) I have only known Marley for a short time, but that has all it has taken to show what an absolute jewel she is! She is one of the kindest & sweetest people. 

Gabe & Marley were married last November in Ecuador, where her parents live. We were not able to make it to their wedding, and when hearing that their photographer was in a really bad accident after the wedding and there was a chance they may not receive their photos, we knew there was something we needed to do! We asked them how they would feel about doing a photo shoot in the mountains with us. After some planning and picking out the spot nestled in among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, God blessed us with such a beautiful evening for the wedding photos atop the mountain. 

P.S. - These two are the two talented people that helped me out with Misty & Stevens wedding!