Josh & Danielle :: Spring Engagement Pictures

Getting to tell people's stories, and being there for some of the biggest moments in their lives is why I love being a photographer. You get to celebrate in intimate moments very few people get to be involved in. You get to help create, and preserve these moments. The cherry on top is when its with people you know and love. 

I have known Danielle almost all her life. You see she and Misty grew up best friends. But it does not stop there! As most of you know by now, Misty is engaged and getting married at the end of this month. For them, they will no longer just be best friends, they will be sisters as they are marring brothers!

Danielle had her sights on this boy back in middle school, and it appears he had his set on her too as he asked her to the 8th grade dance. Now, there may have been a few other boys in between the 8th grade dance and now :) but fast forward a few years and here they are planning their summer wedding!

Josh & Danielle, I am so excited for y'all and can not wait to celebrate with y'all in a few months!