Austin & Amanda :: Foggy Mountain Engagement

If ever I have come away from an engagement session feeling like I just left a fair-tale, this would have been it!

We planned for an engagement pictures with beautiful mountain views, but had no idea as to what was in store for us! As we started to drive up the curvy road that took us to the highest point in South Carolina, everything around us started to fade away into the misty fog. Once we got to the top there were times that you could only see several feet in front of you as the clouds swirled all around.  

Austin and Amanda were such troopers and decided to trust us when we said their engagement pictures would turn out beautifully despite being in the clouds. 

Guys, seriously Misty and I both agreed that this was one of our favorite engagement sessions! Being on top of the mountain, with these two fun people, and the wind, and clouds working with us perfectly was an absolute photographers dream! And to top it all off, the red dress that she brought with her to end the session, as the clouds started to settle in the valleys between the mountains was just perfect!!