The Big Boy Who is 5!

I am so excited to share with y'all this session of my favorite 5-year-old! (Yes, I am biased since he is my nephew, but that is beside the point hehe)

Let me just tell you that this kid has one of the biggest imaginations possible! We have went so many adventures including catching the biggest fish known to man from the back seat of my car on a road trip. We have sailed the high seas in papa's motorhome all the while the pirates were right on our tales chasing us, and on that same adventures in the sea, papa became captain hook, and granna just might have become a mermaid! These are just a few of our adventures that we have taken over the past few years.

His mom, who also happens to be my sister had the great idea of using the much wished for Christmas gift, his combine as one of the props for this session. This boy loves tractors all kinds, so I thought it was absolutely perfect, and fitting to include it. We just kind of went with it from there, and I even love that his jeans have "wet" spots in the knees from crawling around in the field!