Marcengill Family

I know I bragged on Dawn in the post with her twins, but really she is super mom, I am convinced! She knew that she wanted family pictures and pictures of all the kids individually but we had decided to break it up into 2 sessions hoping that would keep the younger ones happy! When planning for this session, I told her lets do something fun laid back and relaxed, something that represents ya'll as a family and in the stage of life that ya'll are in right now. 

I had sent her a picture of a tent idea that I had and she said that she would come up with something... when I arrived I was shocked, it was so perfect! 

The session went so perfectly and was exactly as I had in mind.. you will not see perfectly posed pictures when looking at these, instead you will see a real family interacting with each other. And Dawn and Brandon will have photo's that will forever capture this moment in their lives.