My Heart & Soul

I am just going to warn you this post is not going to follow suit with my normal blog post. I am fixing to bear a little bit of my heart and soul along with a huge dream of mine.

I watched a video this morning that touched me to my core. It evoked so much emotion with in me and I am tearing up just even writing this. Over the past few years God has placed a desire and a dream with in me. I have no idea how he plans to fulfill this dream, but without a shadow of a doubt I know he will. There have been times in my life where I have felt that need, that desire, that is so very strong, so pressing that it wraps around me and I know that it has come from God... this dream he has given me is one of those times. I can honestly say this has been one of those things that he continues to lay on my heart to pray about, but yet has given me incredible peace. Over the past year the feeling of the need to pray about this has grown stronger and stronger, and often has moved me to tears.

So by now I am guessing you are wondering what in the world?! I would like for you to watch the video, and I am sure it will answer your questions.... Let me warn you, have a tissue box near by!

Please click here to watch the short video "Removed" 

Now that you have watched the video, I can only hope it moved you in some way regardless if it is to pray, or to look for ways to feel a need. These children need us! I would love to do some sessions for those of you who are foster parents or have adopted. Please feel out the contact form here, and I will be in touch!