Misty Mast

Misty has a great eye for detail. She is able to make sure those fly-away hairs are in place, apparel is not bunched, and seeks out perfect placement. While helping with family shoots she may be behind the camera, or helping to make those little ones giggle to get those smiles we all love. When working with Summer at your wedding she is there to capture all the details, along with helping to capture your day as it happens. She is there to be the extra set of eyes that Summer needs!

Misty's Style

While Summer often sets up the shoots, Misty is there to look for the different angles that help tell your story. Misty will be able to capture the spontaneous moments that may happen with your kids, spouses etc. while they are waiting for their turn in the spotlight. 

A Little About Misty

Misty tends to be wherever the party is. She is adventures, ambitious, detailed, and artistic. Misty is currently attending Tri County Tech with plans of gaining a Business Management degree. She wants to open her own bakery and possibly a catering company. When she is not studying or helping Summer, she is creating mouth watering master pieces from cupcakes, to multi teared cakes. She loves to paint, play soccer, shop with friends, sleep, and hike.